Are you losing ground in the battle against erosion?

Guard your property value with riprap shoreline restorations and boulder retaining walls

Approved by the Department of Natural Resources

Riprap Erosion Control in Northern and Southern Wisconsin

Prevent Ice Heaving

Stop Shoreline Erosion

Muskrat Proof Shoreline

A landscaper is powerless to stop shoreline erosion.

Hire the right company for the job.

Shoreline restoration and boulder retaining walls by Ultimate Excavating is the only thing standing between your investment and the eroding effects of Mother Nature. If your shoreline is unprotected, you may be losing one foot of property every 5 years from erosion.

Guard your property value with the riprap rock shoreline restoration and boulder retaining walls that work in unison with the overall landscape architecture. We have helped thousands of people save their shorelines by land and water.

Tired of your ugly shoreline?

Get back to the lake sooner with our one week turnaround on most jobs!

Ultimate Excavating Offers

Not only do we promise to transform your battered shoreline into a weather and nature resistant landscape, we also offer an extensive list of benefits over our competitors:

Free Estimates

One Week turnaround on most jobs

Year-Round Service

Restoration of lawn damage and disturbance

Over 25 Years Experience

Extensive list of references

Have the beautiful Lakeshore You've Always Dreamed of

Guard your property value and don't lose shoreline footage without a fight!

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